Our Classes

What? Our Classes

We teach required classes to INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. Here are some of our innovative programs that make Tree of Life a unique educational experience.

Singapore Math: Uses some of the most advanced methods focusing on problem solving, critical thinking and language learning. Singapore has an incredibly high standard of education, which is why we’ve chosen their method. We are the only school in Costa Rica using the Singapore Math methodology. For more information, please visit the following site: Singapore Math

Robotics: Technology is no longer a class, it is a way of getting things done in all major disciplines. This is why robotics finds its way into TOLIS classes in Language Arts, Spanish grammar, History and Social Studies.. Students use basic wiring and computer programming to make their standard projects more exciting and interactive. All homeroom teachers are trained yearly by Costa Rica’s TEC and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, so they can find ways to enrich the learning experience that are higher-tech than Power Points and poster boards. Students must work with technology, not just use it, to take advantage of future opportunities in scientific fields.

Mandarin: Mandarin is taught daily at Tree of Life International School, from pre-school to high school.
From age 3 to 5, students learn Mandarin in an immersion program on Tuesday and Thursday.
From 6 to high school, students receive eight classes of Mandarin a week. Click here to learn more about our Mandarin program.

English & Spanish: We offer an English curriculum with part of our classes in Spanish. This allows for both English and Spanish speaking students to develop the other at their own pace. We expect all of our students to be fluent in both languages by the end of their studies.

Ecology:Ecology is really hands-on science combined with art. In the school’s different garden beds, both vertical and horizontal, students practice principles of engineering, chemistry and physics, with some colorful paint and creative recycling on the side! In this class, students are not behind a desk. The ecology program works to support the school’s sustainability goals both on the premises and in the community. In ecology, students may plant trees, weed vegetable plots, raise worms, manage a compost, administer the recycling program or build things like chicken coops and dehydrators.

Contact us to find out more about the classes that we offer.